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Summer details.  Currently, these include:

  • the little, wispy dress I wear day in and out until someone asks, “when was the last time you washed that?”   My mantra is, you only have to change if you get dirty.  If you don’t believe you’ve sweat in the past three days, you’re fine…
  • woven hand fans from Bali that are just as beautiful as they are useful.
  • Minnetonka Moccasins I wear with literally everything.  These are like sandals for those that are slightly grossed out by feet–comfortable and literally no effort to take on/off. 
  • And my new addition…the parasol!  Long days in the strong summer sun are wonderful but often come with constant complaints and worry. “My skin feels irritated.  Do I look burned?  Does my temple look inflamed to you?  My eyes are watering again, do you have another tissue?…”  After about 76 questions and 2 moderate sun burns, my friend finally declared, “That’s it, I’m getting you a parasol!”  A parasol?  No no no–that just seems too high-maintenance. Well, he badgered me until it hit me two weeks ago–using a parasol would actually require less maintenance.  So I bought one for myself and am officially in love with it.  I feel like I have a breezy little home wherever I go and don’t have to worry about reapplying sunscreen every two hours.