Revelation: the Natural Foods Co-op Feed the Mind

Revelation: the Natural Foods Co-opI am on the phone with a friend–I am planning to visit him and we’re going over last minute details as I pack.

“Is there a Whole Foods or a place with organic food near you?”
He responds, “ummm…there’s a co-op.”
“Co-op?  What’s that?”

Well, I visited said co-op during my visit and it was a revelation in grocery shopping.

What is a food co-op and why is it amazing?

  • Unlike corporations, co-ops support local farmers (i.e. the food is more fresh and thus more nutritious than that of chain supermarkets)
  • Co-ops are better for the environment!  They promote not only organically grown but sustainably produced food.  Since co-ops source mostly from local farms, they don’t have the same environmental impact as stores that transport their food long distances.
  • As a cooperative, they offer their products to members at lower prices than profit-oriented organizations.
  • They are involved with their communities!  Anyone can purchase membership, giving them partial ownership to the organization.  Owners have voting rights, which makes the co-op more responsive to its community’s specific needs and wants.

Ukiah Natural Foods Co-op.